For nearly a decade, the work of Water Within Music has taken us around the country into more than 200 churches and over 1,000 worship experiences. We have gained the rich blessing of viewing the diverse heart of the American church from the inside out. Music has gotten us in the door, but the lives we’ve intersected with at every stop have fostered a deeper desire to do more. After collecting countless stories from faith communities coast to coast, our own hearts for the Church beat harder, and the vision for Water Within Ministries became clear.

 The hope of the world lies within the heart of the Church – that’s you! If you love Jesus, you are the game plan to radically impact your town. We loveyour town, and we believe in you. That’s why Water Within Ministries exists: to provide multi-faceted support to Christian communities so that you can be a part of a movement of God wherever you live! 

 There are a few things to consider, though. Here are some statistics that we have seen come to life in our travels: 

of churchgoers attend churches with LESS THAN 500 regular attendees.png

 What this means is that the churches that need the most support cannot afford the financial burden of it. This is where we come in! It is our goal to see every church in America fully equipped and encouraged to be the life-giving center of their communities without financial strain. Water Within Ministries has a three- dimensional model of serving churches according to what they need. 

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LEVEL 1 – We provide our dynamic worship-leading ministry, connecting as many people as possible with the presence of God. We help create space for the Spirit to work, giving normal ministry teams and leaders rest as we provide the groundwork for the weekend worship experiences at your church.

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LEVEL 2 –We can facilitate Biblical and practical training to your ministry teams and volunteers to establish a culture of worship that prioritizes God’s presence. We can train teams in using technology to the glory of God, and potentially provide more suitable equipment. We can provide tools for community growth and development to promote healthy teams, week in and week out.

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LEVEL 3 – We provide care at the soul level for leadership, worship teams and ministry families. By prioritizing a safe environment, we offer one-on-one opportunities for inner healing work, encouragement, counseling and prayer.

 By explaining the Father’s heart to redeem, emulating the love of Jesus to heal, and exalting the Spirit to work in us on a daily basis, the Church can be the culture-creator in every city in America. We’ve always said that Jesus is the water within us, so that we can be water within the world. Now we see the bigger picture; you are the Water Within your world. 

 If you are interested in having the Water Within Ministries team at your church, simply fill out the contact form to get the conversation started. If you’d like to be a part of making WWM possible, please use the PushPay link below to make your 501(c)3, tax-deductible donation. 

 Thanks for being a part of our journey. We love y’all and hope to see you soon!

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*research done by Barna, Lifeway and PushPay