Lets be real; when we started traveling full time playing music, we had no idea how it would unfold. The last 10 years have brought plenty of change, and a lot of unanticipated ups and downs. What we have gleaned from our experiences on the road and as a band is that the presence of God is the only way to abundant life. Our purpose as musicians is only meaningful because of our definition as children of God. We hope and pray that our songs and experiences are a canvas to display God’s heart for the people He created.

Whether you see us play in a crowd of thousands or in a room of just a few, hopefully our passion and intention pours through the songs you hear and the spirit with which we play them. Water Within believes whole-heartedly that our message is only as genuine as the lives we lead day to day, so we are dedicated to pursuing God's presence both on stage and off.

In this third collection of songs, Water Within returns with a seven-song EP that explores the vast canyonlands of a faith experience that is authentic and down-to-earth. Daring to experience what Jesus explains in His iconic Sermon on the Mount, the lyrics in these originals grapple with everyday circumstances, yet offer hope for a more limitless existence. The sophomore release, 'Long Live Your Spirit,' sought to uncover some of the mystery of living out a journey of surrender. So this most recent work is a deeper dive into the moment-to-moment wonder that can exist when followers of Jesus truly engage with the words He spoke. The overall message of 'The Backwards Kingdom'? As it is in Heaven, let it be here and now.

Water Within travels the country leading worship in churches of all sizes and denominations. The mission and vision of our hearts is fixated on equipping people to live lives in the presence of God. The songs we write and the music we make are an outpouring of our own journeys with Jesus. It is our sincerest hope that the honest expression of our experiences can be one more avenue by which you might sense God's nearness.