The music of Water Within has taken them all around the country since 2011. In a unique blend of vocal harmonies and powerful lyrics, their message is the same wherever they go. Their purpose is to simply encourage and embolden the church to live in the fullness of Christ, following the adventure of His Spirit. Whether you see them play in a crowd of thousands or in a room of just a few, their passion and purpose pours through their music. Water Within believes whole-heartedly that their message is only as genuine as the lives they lead day to day, so they are dedicated to pursuing God's presence both on stage and off.

However, a couple years ago Mary Pat Smissen and Whitney Walker were very uncertain about many things in life. Having come through a valley season, business had nearly slowed to a halt and they doubted whether or not God had truly called them to full time ministry. It was a crisis of belief, and it raised questions that could only be answered in the presence of God.

In the midst of that valley, the song "Long Live Your Spirit" was written, and with it came a reignited flame to pursue Jesus and His purpose for each of them individually, and for Water Within.

Since that pivotal time, Mary Pat and Whitney have been on a great adventure, following the Spirit's leading and fastening themselves to His word. The songs that unfolded in the months after that season of doubt are poignantly able to articulate what many have experienced but have a hard time expressing.

Their newest release "Long Live Your Spirit" is the heart cry of Water Within. It's a collection of songs about awakening to the fullness of your existence, about the spirit beckoning you—just a little deeper, a little further.  Songs about surrender, about pursuing eternity every day, with every breath you take.

The message and expression in this new project was created to help reignite dreams that have maybe been long forgotten. The hope is that it will encourage listeners to seek God's presence and to truly believe that with the Spirit of God, we find our greatest purpose is simply to be with Him in every moment of life.

“We pray that this is more than a recording, but that it emboldens God’s children to walk with His Spirit in the great adventure He’s laid out before us. We hope these songs encourage the church to be all that it can be.”