Lets be real; when we started traveling full time playing music, we had no idea how it would unfold. The last seven years have brought plenty of change, and a lot of ups and downs that we weren’t expecting! What we have gleaned from our experiences on the road and as a band is that the presence of God is the only way to abundant life. Our purpose as musicians is only meaningful because of our definition as children of God. We hope and pray that our songs and experiences are a canvas to display God’s heart for the people he created.

Whether you see us play in a crowd of thousands or in a room of just a few, hopefully our passion and purpose pours through the songs you hear and the spirit with which we play them. Water Within believes whole-heartedly that our message is only as genuine as the lives we lead day to day, so we are dedicated to pursuing God's presence both on stage and off.

Our second record, "Long Live Your Spirit" is the heart cry of Water Within. It's a collection of songs about awakening to the fullness of our existence. These are songs about surrender, about pursuing eternity every day, with every breath you take. In a lot of ways, this record is like a journal for us; life usually isn’t easy, but when we live in surrender to Jesus, it’s always meaningful. Our desire is to see the kingdom of God living in the fullest sense of it’s design; to invite and exist in the presence of the Spirit of God!

The message and expression in this latest project is exactly that. It was created to help reignite dreams that have maybe been long forgotten. We’ve experienced the harsh reality of losing hope, of searching for it, and of finding it all over again. We want to encourage people to seek God's presence and to truly believe that with Him, we find our greatest purpose is simply to be with Him in every moment of life.

We pray that this is more than a recording, but that it emboldens God’s children to walk with Him in the great adventure He’s laid out before us. We hope these songs encourage the church to be all that it can be. And we hope above all else that you can sense the Father’s love for you through our lives. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey!